Overview of Programs and Services

Youth Opportunities offers a variety of family-centered mental health services to children and youth. These services are tailored to each child's and family's specific needs and schedules. Services are offered in a variety of settings: in office, in the family's home, or in other community locations as best fits the family's needs. Youth Opportunities has five therapists involved with the Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Collaborative through the North Carolina Treatment Program. This is a 10-month training that once completed, they will be registered as trauma-focused clinicians on a national level.

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Comprehensive Clinical Assessments

Youth Opportunities provides Comprehensive Clinical Assessment for children and adolescents who are experiencing emotional, social and/or behavioral difficulties. The assessment process is client-centered and strength-based. It identifies the individual’s needs and provides comprehensive recommendations that offer guidance for treatment planning and service delivery. Clinical Assessment is carried out by highly qualified, licensed clinicians and approved by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist.

Day Treatment Programs

Day Treatment is a mental-health service that identifies needs and builds on the strengths of the individual student and is provided in a safe and structured non-traditional classroom setting. Youth Opportunities operates an array of Day Treatment Programs for students with mental-health needs that interfere with their ability to function successfully in a traditional classroom setting. Our Day Treatment Programs utilize evidence-based curriculums, behavioral modification, psycho-educational groups, crisis intervention as well as individual, group and family therapy.

Outpatient Therapy

A preventative or early intervention mental health service, Outpatient Therapy is designed for children and adolescents who can function in everyday social settings, like the traditional classroom, but who need ongoing support therapy to manage their emotions and behaviors for success. The goal of this service is to restore the child and/or family to a previous level of adaptive functioning or to an improved level of functioning that can be maintained consistently. Goals and objectives are developed collaboratively with the child and family to identify and address specific emotional, behavioral, and/or psychiatric signs/symptoms. Unidentified needs can create barriers for the child or adolescent’s ability to function in school, community and/or home environments. Outpatient Therapy is provided by a licensed therapist and typically occurs weekly for a period of approximately one (1) hour either individually or as a family. As the child or adolescent progresses in his/her treatment goals and objectives, the frequency may be adjusted to biweekly or monthly sessions.

Psychiatric & Medication Management

Psychiatric services at Youth Opportunities are conducted by a licensed psychiatrist. Our psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in child and adolescent mental health. Where clinical assessment indicates that medication may help, we arrange for a consultation or evaluation conducted by the psychiatric M.D. If the psychiatrist determines that the use of medication is warranted, he or she can prescribe it and provide medication management for the duration of the individual’s time in care.

Intensive In-Home Services

Youth Opportunities provides Intensive In-Home Services to families with children under the age of eighteen (18) who are at imminent risk of or currently in an out-of-home placement. Providing a family-based approach to therapy, parent education, case management and crisis resolution, the service is highly comprehensive and is designed to stabilize the living situation of the child and avert the need for more restrictive services. These services are time-limited and vary in frequency and intensity to meet the changing needs of the individuals, families and caregivers. Services are provided by a three (3) person team consisting of a licensed therapist and two (2) mental-health professionals.

Intensive Alternative Family Treatment

As an affiliate of Alexander Youth Network, Intensive Alternative Family Treatment services are provided in the CenterPoint Human Services catchment area by Alexander Youth Network staff at their affiliate Youth Opportunities in Winston-Salem, NC. Intensive Alternative Family Treatment (IAFT) is a mental health service for children that is highly structured and supervised by specially trained treatment parents.  IAFT is an evidence-based, family-centered approach that offers an effective option for children needing intensive treatment. Alexander Treatment Parents provide a highly supervised, therapeutic environment in their home for children and teens from throughout the state who are receiving treatment for emotional challenges. All of the Treatment Parents in our program are fully screened, trained, and supervised by our on-staff Treatment Coaches, and are licensed by the state to provide treatment in their home environment. Click here to learn more this service or how you can can become a Treatment Parent.


We have 5 therapist involved with the Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Collaborative through the North Carolina Treatment Program. This is a 10 month training that once completed, they will registered as trauma focused clinicians on a national level.


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