Current Job Openings

When openings occur within our agency, Youth Opportunities is interested in speaking to anyone who brings the energy and qualifications to be part of our dynamic team. The diverse needs and qualifications of the services we provide allow career opportunities for individuals with a wide range of education and experience.  Thank you for your interest in our agency.

If you are interested in applying, please click here to see current positions available.

As an equal opportunity employer, Youth Opportunities' objective is to employ qualified individuals who will deliver the highest level of services to all our clients while offering a positive and rewarding work environment. We are committed to providing the best possible climate for maximum development and achievement of gals for all employees.

Youth Opportunities is committed to providing a work place free from discrimination. All employment decisions are based on merit, qualifications, and abilities and without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, handicap, or sexual orientation. Discrimination against any individual on these bases or any other characteristic protected by law is prohibited and will not be tolerated. We will comply with the letter and spirit of applicable federal and state laws concerning Equal Employment Opportunity. It will continue to be our policy to take affirmative action in the employment of qualified minorities, females, Vietnam veterans, and disabled individuals.


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