Intensive Alternative Family Treatment


Okay, so what is my as job a Treatment Parent?

It is a job and Treatment Parents receive a monthly stipend to compensate them for their time and the costs of caring for their IAFT child. A treatment parent’s main responsibility is to provide a safe and stable environment for the IAFT child and ensure the child is able to attend their appointments related to treatment and medical care. You will also communicate with their family of permanence to ensure that the family knows how to effectively treat their child when it is time for the child to go home.

How do I know if being an IAFT Treatment Parent is right for me?

We are looking for people who will be willing to work with the child, their family, and any other treatment team members that child needs. You do not need a degree or certificate related to children or childcare. We train you on our treatment model, The Pressley Ridge Curriculum for Treatment Foster Parents, and it provides the knowledge and tools you need to successfully treat this child.

What if I have other children in my home?

You would qualify to provide treatment if you have your own children living in your home, whether they are biological, adopted, or under kinship care. However, each household treating an IAFT child is only allowed to provide treatment for that child, so if you already care for another foster child, or provide services for a child in your home, you would not qualify as a treatment parent for IAFT.

Will get to choose the child I want to treat?

Most Treatment Parents have an idea about what kind of child they would want to bring in their home. However, we feel it is most important for you to have a connection with that child, and you might connect with a child who does not fit the picture in your head. Of course, we will try to honor the wishes of our treatment parents, as well as the requests of the IAFT child.

How long will it be before I am able to have an IAFT child in my home?

Becoming a licensed Treatment Parent is a process and can take about 3 to 6 months, depending on your ability to complete the training process and if you have previously been licensed to provide foster care in your home. Training must be completed before you apply for a license; this includes 30 hours of the Pressley Ridge Curriculum for Treatment Foster Parent.



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